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Wyświetlanie postów z sierpień, 2012

Jurgita Svede cudowna połozna z Litwy już 21 lat wspiera kobiety

The vocation to midwifery.

"You are invited, and you go; you are called and you arrive; the internal demand for being midwife - it's like a vocation to the priesthood where one serves with dedication, without hoping for benefit, when you are in unity with yourself and the environment; when you experience happiness, regardless of life events.
 Midwife must live in grace. She has to give herself the spiritual oaths concerning the approach to every aspect of her life. Assume a certain asceticism, which develops the values ​​and faith. It helps to keep in touch with the million-year-old biological processes of birth. Midwife must constantly strive to be compassionate, open, a psychic, forgiveness and spiritual vision are the most important working tools ".

 A living tradition is not static or fixed, it changes and responds to changing needs and changing times. Home birth movement was not merely a manifestation of a global revival. Spiritual Midwifery today was born as a re…